The government has proposed changes to the VET FEE-HELP scheme that prevent Praxis students from accessing the loans required to pay for the course. The result of this decision is that any 1st year students in 2017 would have to pay the full fee amount themselves. We recognise that very few potential students would be able to manage these costs and so will not be running a Year 1 group in 2017.
Our plan is to work with our existing students through 2017 while at the same time exploring other avenues to make the course financially viable so that we can enrol a new cohort in 2018. Stay tuned!

The Praxis course is a two year journey developing your practical skills and experience in working with young people across different cultures. At the same time you will engage with the latest research driven frameworks for working positively with young people, especially those who are marginalised or struggling. You will also embark on an inward journey of personal growth and developing a theology of involvement in mission.  

Expect your learning to be practical, hard work, fun, and done as part of a close knit community of people. 

Praxis is a partnership between the course, your agency (a church or community organisation that you do your practical work through) and a personal mentor that you will choose for the year. They are your support crew as you learn more about yourself, develop your practice and deepen your experience of God. 

“I’ve learned what it means to teach well and be taught well at Praxis. Praxis grew my practical skills while giving me a language to explain why I do what I do. Praxis combines the credentials of a youth work qualification, the practical training of an apprenticeship and the community of the kingdom of God into one. You learn things in Praxis that no mainstream institution could teach you: how to live in community, how to love young people, how to have integrity in what you do”
— Chris Durie, Praxis student 2015
“Praxis digs the earth that we are planted in; allowing our roots to explore, to be connected, grounded and strengthened, not only in ourselves but in our context, our surroundings - more than we could ever imagine.

Praxis is a ‘coming together’ of people and stories. For me it was also a coming together of self: gaining knowledge and understanding that’s been so rich that I’m definitely a better Youth Worker for it.

Now I work at a Community School encouraging young people do just this: dig, explore, connect, be grounded, be strengthened, ‘come together.’”
— Jocelin, Praxis student 2012