Over 150 students have enrolled in the Praxis course since 2011. Here are some of their stories.



Praxis student: 2013 - 2014

Placement: YSAS (drug and alcohol support worker), Concern Australia (Lead tenant)

"Praxis provided me with the frame works to practice in a range of different settings. During my time with Praxis I worked within youth justice, residential care, and different alcohol and drug settings and have gone on to secure permanent employment in a drug and alcohol facility" 

Now: Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre, YSAS (drug and alcohol support worker)


Praxis student: 2016 - 2017

Placement: Scripture Union (Schools & leadership programs, camps & community engagement)

Praxis has changed my life. Praxis is a course that is teaching me so much, empowering me to do good work in my communities and enabling me to pursue personal growth.
At a personal level, Praxis has given me people I can trust that have helped my in amazing ways to deal with major issues in my life. I can absolutely say that I am a much healthier person now than I was a year ago and that is so much to do with Praxis.
Praxis is an investment into the lives of young people all over Victoria. There is no course like it.


Praxis student: 2013 - 2014

Placement: Truth and Liberation Concern (Youth Group Leader, Kids Hope mentor, Breakfast Club, State Youth Games to name a few)

"At Praxis you learn so much more than just youth work. You learn about yourself, you learn about God, culture (your own and others) you experience community and you form a family. 
One of the best experiences I had was our trip to NSW and Queensland, where we spent time with the Slabb family in Bundjalung country, learning about multicultural youth work and Aboriginal culture. I learn best through life experiences rather than research/study so it was a massive time of growth for me and a special time for our group to form a close bond." 


Praxis student: 2014 - 2015

Placement: Scripture Union (Schools & leadership programs, camps & community engagement)

"Every moment in & out of class is a potential learning experience. The content is enriching and I already use a lot of what I've learnt to improve my relationships with my family and community. Praxis is definitely shaping me for the better and i'm grateful that a course like this exists" 

Now: Dom is currently a resident with the St Albans Urban Seed Community & volunteers with Red Frogs & Surrender


Praxis student: 2011 - 2012

"Studying with Praxis was one of the best decisions I ever made. I learned so much during my time and gained wonderful friends. 
Praxis helped me rediscover myself and what I stand for in this world. Now I work for Werribee Football Club as the Multicultural Development Officer. We assist migrant and refugee young people and their communities to access Australian rules football as players, fans, coaches, administrators and umpires."

Now: Multicultural Development Officer, Werribee Football Club



Praxis student: 2014 - 2015

Placement: Eastern Access Community Health 

"Praxis has given me a firm foundation for what i sensed was true but did not know why or how, or that others shared my views. This enables me to stand up unashamedly for the broken and the hurting and advocate on their behalf without doubt or hesitation, and move forward into their spaces knowing it won't harm, but heal" 


Praxis student: 2014 - 2015

Placement: Maryborough Salvation Army

"Praxis is a family. It's a community. It's not just a course. Not just a qualification. 
Praxis is about growing relationships and building others up.
It's about listening and silence but also about speaking up and challenges.
Praxis is a once in a lifetime opportunity" 



Praxis student: 2014 (direct entry to Year 2)

Placement: Phillip Island Baptist Church, Youth Pastor

"I had known a few people doing the Praxis course and seen the amazing experience it had been for them. Everyone of them had built life long friends while becoming better at supporting young people. The Praxis experience has literally changed my life and has had a huge impact on my effectiveness in building strong communities."

Now: Youth Pastor, Croydon Hills Baptist Church 



Praxis student: 2014 - 2015

Placement: St Alfred's Anglican Church, Blackburn North and The Workshop

"I've learned what it means to teach well and be taught well at Praxis. Praxis grew my practical skills while giving me a language to explain why I do what I do. Praxis combines the credentials of a youth work qualification, the practical training of an apprenticeship and the community of the kingdom of God into one. You learn things in Praxis that no mainstream institution could teach you: how to live in community, how to love young people, how to have integrity in what you do"

Now: The Workshop, Youth Minister at St Alfred's running their youth programs and managing the volunteer team.