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Churches and community organisations often find it difficult to find experienced or qualified workers. Cost is often an issue, too. Praxis, through its RTO The Training Collaborative, provides a quality, low-cost way of giving existing workers training and experience in Christian youth & community work. Alternatively, you can use Praxis to start people on the journey of leadership. 

With student allowances to support your student, churches and other agencies can employ a youth & community worker at a reasonable cost, while investing training and personal development into them.

What you can expect of Praxis?

You can expect Praxis to:

  • Provide interactive, relevant and theoretically sound training.
  • Provide a course co-ordinator to keep track of where your student is up to in their course, and co-ordinate training.
  • Adapt course content so that it is applicable to your situation and the community you serve.
  • Arrange for a mentor to support your student.

What Praxis expects of you.

We expect you to: 

  • Provide an ‘agency representative’ who oversees the practical component of your student’s youth & community work.
  • Negotiate a realistic job description with your student.
  • Give your student time to attend all Praxis training intensives & classes.


We are exploring coaching and agency partnerships with Urban SeedScripture UnionSOAR AdventuresSalvation ArmyConcern Australia, Christian SurfersPhillip Island Baptist ChurchTruth and Liberation Concern and several other organisations.

Praxis Victoria is an Endorsing Partners of SURRENDER. We are also huge fans of Jisas Wantaim.

If your organisation is interested in partnering with Praxis Victoria please have a look at our partner and agency information and call (03 9016 3590) or email us.


If you would like to partner with us, fill out the form below and one of our staff members will get back to you.

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