Our Values

  • We are committed to journey with Jesus Christ, and see relationship building through lifestyle engagement with our communities as a natural outworking of our faith. 
  • We believe in building partnerships with churches to rediscover a central role in our society through service to our local communities. 
  • We aim to create an ongoing community of learning, which will feature both formal and informal learning opportunities for practitioners in community, youth and mission work. 
  • We believe that learning should be facilitated by people who are themselves practitioners and learners. 
  • We believe in ‘learning in action’. Our approach to training is participatory, non-institutional, holistic and student centered. 
  • We aim to celebrate and reflect the many ethnic groups that exist in Australia & throughout the Pacific region. 
  • We place a special emphasis on engaging with those who experience poverty and exclusion in our society. 
  • We are committed to partnerships with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, acknowledging their sacred place in this land.
  • We do not operate for profit. We aim to be a financially sustainable operation, with a reputation for both excellence and generosity.