Course structure

Praxis consists of the following parts:

Placement: Minimum 2 days per week. We believe that learning is most effective when it takes place alongside the experience of working with youth, in conjunction with a church or a community organisation.

Block Courses: Four Block Courses (5-7 days) and a retreat block (3 days) each year over two years with experienced and knowledgeable practitioners. All of the Blocks are compulsory and some involve interstate travel.


  • If you live in or close to  Melbourne, there is a class one day per week
  • If you live regionally, you will have 2 overnight classes each term, i.e. 2 days per class
  • NB - classes do not generally run in the school holidays

During the first year you spend your 3rd Block Course with an indigenous community in Queensland.

During the second year there will also be the opportunity to participate in a Mission Exposure experience held in Manilla, Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific Islands. Travel costs are not included in course fees.