Course content

A person who is awarded the Diploma of Youth Work has integrated theory, theology and practice around working with young people in the wider community. They are able to work with a considerable degree of autonomy and accountability for achieving outcomes as a youth worker in either community or faith based contexts. They are able to establish and maintain working relationships with young people within their key environments, facilitate youth development and provide leadership to young people and youth leaders.


  • Community Connection: discovering what it means to become part of your community
  • Inward Journey: the journey of personal and faith development
  • Leadership & Management: enabling others in Christian youth work
  • Youth Work Practice: the nuts and bolts of youth work
  • Frameworks for Action: the big picture of youth work
  • Safe Practice: keeping everyone as safe as possible
  • Integration: putting it all together

By successfully completing this course, you can also expect to have learnt to:

  • Operate safely and ethically.
  • Contribute to the development of young people.
  • Serve, build relationships and share your faith with people from different backgrounds and cultures.
  • Respond appropriately to a person in crisis.
  • Creatively facilitate groups and develop others in their faith.
  • Develop structures for personal support and self care.
  • Explore your own spiritual journey, your giftings and motivations.
  • Develop networks in your community, assess, and develop responses to the needs of people within it.
  • Create and lead a team.