Course Costs & VET FEE-HELP

The Praxis course fees are $16,600 over two years.

The government has proposed changes to the VET FEE-HELP scheme that prevent Praxis students from accessing these loans. The result of this decision is that any 1st year students in 2017 would have to pay the full fee amount themselves. We recognise that very few potential students would be able to manage these costs and so are resigned to not running a Year 1 group in 2017. Our plan is to work with our existing students through 2017 while at the same time exploring other avenues to make the course financially viable so that we can enrol a new cohort in 2018. Stay tuned!

Student Expense Contribution

Students will also be required to pay $800 each year to help cover the cost of their text books, Block Course food and accommodation costs. This amount is highly subsidised by Praxis as we attempt to keep the cost to students as low as possible. Students are able to pay this in a lump sum or regular instalments over the year.

Student Allowances - Youth Allowance, Austudy & Abstudy

Youth Allowance, Austudy & Abstudy are payments made to students if they are studying full-time and otherwise eligible. If you are studying with Praxis you qualify as full-time. They have different criteria for eligibility and rates of payment. You need to go to the Centrelink website to check these.